Monday, December 24, 2012

My Favourite Christmas Movie...

would be a cinematic salmagundi in which the hobbits and the Jedi (perhaps even with Jedi hobbits: someone out there has already beaten me to the idea) join forces on Deep Space Nine with James Bond, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Mr. Tumble, the blokes who give the Royal Institute Lectures and the choir of King's College, Cambridge in order to do battle with an evil alliance of hobbit Sith Lords, Predators, and assorted characters from BBC dramatisations of Jane Austen novels (each one of which has been, in my experience, a very worthy effort and fit for anything but watching) which is intent on destroying humanity's profound relationship with that pinnacle of human achievement known as the Boost bar, with Mariah Carey singing 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' and Kimberley Walsh dancing a Charleston.

Well, I'd want to see it.

May you all have a  very happy and holy Christmas.



Blogger James Higham said...

And the femme fatale?

26 December, 2012 13:47  
Blogger Martin said...

Maggie Smith.

26 December, 2012 18:36  

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